Reviews for "Lady Noir"


some annimations were a bit off but okay


Probably could have been better if it weren't for the animation and art.

damn good

one of the better collabs on ng
a 5/5 and a 10/10 if i ever saw one
overall it was kick-ass

pretty nice.

the first one was... decent. nice story behind it, but it could have used a little work. didn't understand number 2 at all. but numbers 3 and 4 completely saved the rest of it, they were amazing.

On the whole...

Pretty damned good. The last two seriously reminded me of Sin City; which is a complement, as I enjoyed the film. The animation was pretty smooth throughout all four animations (the third - with Greed - was probably the smoothest, although it did have some minor lip sync trouble. Nothing too noticeable though, I just pick up on things like that)
For anyone skimming through these reviews, undecided on whether or not they should watch Lady Noir, it is definately worth a gander...
However, be warned. I would say that it is not for everyone.