Reviews for "Lady Noir"

Scene two was great!

The one by Denzel-Crocker is amazing. I'd like to see more of that animation perfected one day. Had an old school Aeon Flux kinda feel. Over all, the whole project came out pretty good. Congrats.

Alot of it was really good

But that security badge made me lol in the beginning
Since its one 4rth of the whole movie I give it an 8
But dont let you discourage you from watching the rest!

Absolutely Wonderful

The art direction provided a basis that did not hinder the true concepts of what was wanting to be expressed. Based on these, the 4 plots provided within each had a distinct 'flavor' to them, although the cohesion between them was slightly damaged by the extremity of the second plot. Simply the feeling expressed from it might have been better as an opener, rather than a follow-up. All-in-all, a great performance that will serve as a step forward to future projects.

Thank you!


They were all fun in their own way

main menu song

whats the song at the main menu |??

nice flash by the way ^^