Reviews for "Lady Noir"

we are only defined by

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it starts out with a very, colledge movie project like feel, and chopy animation. but the redemtion of this i feel is really the advancment of the plot, being a long movie it really gives you a chance to create a good story.

I thought it was good

Entertaining as a whole. I thought it was cool that each animator had their own unique animation style. 9/10
Also, Denzel Crocker's animation may have been a bit confusing but that was some amazing animation right there. top of the line.

Such promise!

This had so much promise! But the animation and music failed. I offer some constructive criticism: Work on your animation, and get the music to flow smoother.

Artistic and stylish

I loved the second in it's artistic way, but didn't really fit in with this collab :p I like the third one's style :D