Reviews for "Lady Noir"

Great Stuff, song?

What the hell is the opening song from, i swear to god i've heard it and it's on the tip of my tongue but no luck!!!

Good job

Nice pack of shorts .. The best for me was the one with the white guy GREED or whats his name .. nevermind , great work !

i'm diggin the audio

only for the first clip, credits, and the title screen



Mirror's Edge Music...
Meh, Why not.
I felt this just.. Lacked some kind of story planning.
I can totally hear a guy saying "Yeah, criminal woman, yeah, gangstah - hitman style".
Animation is a second priority matter when you have a nice story... But when your story has the value of a "Second Priority Matter", animation is what SOMETIMES can save a movie. In this case, it just did it mildly interesting.

It has my 7 and my 4.

The first vid