Reviews for "Lady Noir"

A Massive Undertaking

Naturally, with 4 animators with radically different styles, the overall product was unfocused and confusing. Any random person who quickly clicks the play button will be truly lost the second denzel-crocker's animation comes transitions in.

However, each animation was fantastic and unique in its own right, and I enjoyed it (Not to mention I am a sucker for Pink Floyd).


Awesome work! Wish more mature content would make its way on to newgrounds. =) excellent work by all!

This Was Awesome

I Loved everything about, but they shot "Pink Floyd" :'( That hurt


what a genuine collab

The TEN is just for Hania

The animations weren't that good as others like James Lee, or Tom (TomFulp). Anyway just like always hanias music was awesome, and the best thing in the animation.