Reviews for "Lady Noir"

I apologize

My piece is holding you guys back. Thank you for giving me a spot in the collab, I'm going to go work on my skill.

Nicely done though! You earned this 10.

My Two Cents

Wow, this came out great didn't it. Some reviews have said to put in a skip button, now that is just ludicrous. Zappa, your part was fine other than the sketchy graphics. I thought it was entertaining and paid well attention to orchestral music, remember that the majority of people here are youngins who dont understand true entertainment ;)

What an awesome menu, I wish phobotech would have created a part!

Denzel, you said your colors were messed up. I used the original SWF you gave me, sorry that we didnt communicate on that. It looks fine to me and everyone else though, the flashy colors really add a nice touch to the FBF environment. Great job! Also, tits. :P

Kieran. your part is so smooth and well done with absoltey perfect voice acting from saphire, shock, and giantjuicycocks. I loved the sound effects and the way you made the death of a character look just deliciously awesome and action packed. The smoke coming from the bullet of the revolver was a very nice touch of attention to detail along with the way the guy was SMACKED against the wall from the grenade. The sound of the knife going into the back of that one guy was very nice. Call me sadistic, but I love seeing these characters smashed to bit. You see, im greedy to... FOR DEATH. >:)

RedHarvest, very awesome texture scrolling. I loved the font you used. What was it called... UpTown? Yeah thats it. Hania always makes some awesome music. It goes perfect with it. Another lovely voice acting job by Sapphire. Although im pretty sure she despises my guts lolz.

The credits were cool as well, nice job. I love the style of the tweened colors. All in all, it is a solid 10 from awesome design, voice acting, animation, music, art, and made my day. Im glad it got into the collection and very glad it got front page. Awesome job guys!



a well respected master piece!
Last two were excelent!

Would have, could have...

Would have gotten a 10 if it wasn't for the first one... pure garbage... the rest are solid. Worth a watch... could have added a skip button.

Very well done collab

It would have been at least a 9/10 if you removed the first part. The other parts were fantastic!