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Reviews for "Worm Land"

Great game! Addictive as hell!

No you stupid worm! Grab the damn apple! Sorry... Just some nostalgia there, I
love this game! The combination of timing, physics, and tactical advance is great!

Great Game!

Great game, but the core thing was annoying along with the amount of damage the enemies dealt.

Sorry, but have to

I loved this game, for 3 levels, then on lvl 4 I just get my ass kicked, it is due to the fact that I can not reset my choices on upgrades. I put it into speed and can't control my worm, I jump too high out of the planet when I jump, and just got shot the whole time, it is worable

Good Game

This one was challenging. It took me a while to figure out how to beat the game, but I did it. It would be nice if there were a way to reset the choices from the level up screen.

Enjoyed it

Took me a while to figure how to beat last level until I realized I could use the exact same tactic the boss was using.

My main concern, but maybe I'm blind, is I didn't find a way to reset the choices you made when leveling up. First try I went all speed and it made the game harder instead of helping me. When I managed to reset the game and go for everything else but speed it was a lot easier. Still hard tho, but not too much since even I could beat it.

As others said, I'm not sure the food worm management part was needed. Why? Simply because it's not fun.

Beside that, good game.

- Khann