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Reviews for "Worm Land"

Challenging and fun!

the game was challenging, easy to pick up, and a lot of fun
However, the freeze powerup has a nasty habit of freezing soldiers in mid-air, thus making it impossible for me to complete the level

Funny till thee end

played it till the end but there was a bug in lvl 20.
the game got very laggy and i frozze a guy in the air so that i couldn't reach him even with extra speed.

Needs Improvement

At least be able to readjust stats. Boss on the 21 day kept staying on top of me regardless of how I moved. I also notice the rock armor was not showing up. The controls need a little work on, especially if the user is using a labtop. It gets crazy fighting a spamming boss while waiting to attack those dig machines. Plus the molten core is a good idea, but at times it becomes more a problem than a helping hand. Especially if you have those iron worms on you and so close.

Frankly the game has tons of potential. A bit crazy after the 18 day. Though maybe have the keyboard function? If there is one, then I can not find it. Still good concept and reminds me of the shark on a mountain game. I'm pretty sure if a few fixes you'll saving yourself a lot of headache from users who are getting the 'iron worm' spaz anger.

Hope this was helpful to you!

A Good Game

A Nice Game And Has Lots Of Enemies And Upgrades But...... The Worm Can't Dig Elliptically !

Simple and Fun

Not bad at all. Very simple control system that was easy to master; simple mechanics, but very fun, with good graphics and fairly challenging enemies. I do feel I have to complain a bit about the healing 'worm' powerups though. They're so thick right at the start that you can't help but gobble down half of them before you're even damaged. Maybe that's the idea and that you're given too many right from the start? But if this is the case, It might be fairer to just put fewer in and make yourself unable to 'eat' them unless you have some damage at all.