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Reviews for "Worm Land"


I liked the game, I didn't find it as hard as other people have been complaining about.
Also I'm using the tactil mouse of the notebook and didn't really have major problems with it.
I liked the gameplay, the concept, the fact of eating larvas or soldiers to restore your health and the upgrade options.

The reasons that made me rate it with 7 stars were:

1) The pause button. It should have been made by pressing a key like the space bar, or just the P letter, and not by clicking "Menu" 'cause moving the arrow could lead the worm to burn itself or just get in danger, pressing a key wouldn't change worm's direction. (If there it was a key that paused the game I'm sorry, I didn't notice, maybe making it more obvious would help).

2) The final boss was completely annoying. I tried 3 times beating it.
First time, I thought I was doing something wrong 'cause after leading him to the fire several times nothing happened so I opted to kill my self and restart the stage and look for some other ways to win. Tried again and died looking for alternative ways. Before doing my third try I looked for reviews talking about it, and they said the only way killing it, was by burning it up. So I did my last try and after around 10 minutes of annoying monotone movement I just got bored and quitted.
So I think that maybe there could be a life bar for the last boss, so at least I could know how far I am from killing it, or maybe some color changes on it, or some variation that kinda tells me if I'm going the right direction and not just be leaded by my personal klling instincts of annoyingly and monotonely try to kill the most boring boss ever by moving the same way I've been doing all the game.


Keep it up.


The concept was cool, the gameplay was fun, if a bit hard to get the hang of, I love that you can upgrade your worm and the powerups to your own liking.
It was cool fighting the other worms too.
5/5 10/10 one of the best games I have played recently


It is good but as soon as you reach level 4 it is freaking impossible. The controls take a while to get used to but they are okay. From an artists' stand point it is very nice and the attention to detail is great. So 10 for the art, 9 for the controls, 5 for difficulty.

Not bad

But why make it so f*#king annoyingly hard

Lol what people are saying!

This is pure awesome! people get a real mouse to your laptop and it will be fine. It isint his/hers fault that you guys lack it! The boss worm is kinda hard but you have to jump out of planet and it will follow. Then you just get otherside of the middle of planet and it will burn itself :) ... good game, I want this to my cell phone :)