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Reviews for "Worm Land"

sweet game

Just been playing this for about n hour n i have a short attention span. well done. Lots of enemy types, could of possibly benefitted from a few more upgrades but all in all pretty sweet!


Too unbalanced, low health

Pretty Good

But the steering (if you want to call it that) isn't very accurate. I'd rather use wasd or the directional pad. But it was pretty fun, just a bit difficult to move. And the whole time, it just reminds me of the movie Dune.

Good :)

I lked it , it was interesting :)

A Classic Revisited

It's a remake of a classic Death Worm, with upgrades and in space rather then a desert setting.
The art style is rather awesome, and the whole game is about as punishing as the original, so I'm rather happy with it.
Ya did well with this piece, hope to see more oldies brought back and given a new coat of paint.