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Reviews for "Worm Land"


One of the best games on NG! Graphics music gameplay everything is great really! Don't change a thing about it. Original in alot of aspects but it does remind me of the star wars worm thing that tries to eat ships lol. Keep up the great work 10/10 5/5

Just Perfect

This game is quite entertaining, but not very replayable. The powerups are common enought o be useful, but also random enough to not be game breaking. I look forward to a sequel.

And to anyone who is saying it is too hard; try not sucking so much.


I found the controls really frustrating, but still pretty cool. I know everyone has been harping on this but it bears repeating: the enemies do way too much damage.
I also found the core of the planets really annoying. Still it was a pretty fun game.


you sir have created an amazing game, while I admit the controls are a bit sloppy and it get =s a little repetitive after you play for a while, overall this game is great, it has a really kool concept, i mean who wouldnt enjoy controlling a giant worm wreaking havic on some invading douche bags :P and you can even upgrade your powerups how awesome is that lol, congratulation, all my 5 r belong to u

Enemies do way too much damage

Even when I had my health upgraded to the max, I was taking massive amounts of damage. Great game overall, just cut the enemy attack to 1/3 of what it is now. Max HP upgrade should mean you can last quite a while, not 3 minutes while trying to kill 3 armored troopers.