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Reviews for "Worm Land"

A Good Game with a Few Tremors

This is a good action game, and the control itself isn't bad, it's just missing a brake button to slow down: as your speed increases, it becomes more difficult to navigate toward your targets and away from enemy fire. Plus, it would be better if the worm could eat enemies at the click or push of a button (and a lock on system wouldn't be bad, either). Otherwise, this game isn't as bad as others make it out to be.

Dont like it

Too easy to eat your own worms when full on health kills this game, day 4 last i reached til i lost intrest due to flaws in design.

One obvious flaw

You shouldn't be able to eat the worms when your health is full. Either that or the worms should pop up over the time course of the level (you can still limit the amount so people don't wait for a worm). Otherwise, it is annoying and unnecessarily complicating and frustrating to use up all the worms in the beginning as you try to kill the first enemies. Overall, it was fun and I will be back to get better.


I think it's disgusting How people are voting this low because it's to hard or it doesn't have proper controls etc.

IF and i mean IF you had thought about it a little there are ways of hitting the robots three times in one jump and stunning them the entire time so no damage is taken.
It seems you people can't comprehend that you can do more than jump straight up. And also if your good enough you can hit people just right to eat them and regain health.

As ofr the game itself, Translation was very bad. Graphics Were decent and concept was very fun

I think its a good game!

Really the people below can stfu, the game was fun, it provided a challenge and made you build a strategy on how to best each level. I made it to day 21, without problem. Although the final boss is annoying if you dont build for increased speed. *Hint hint* I liked the variaty of new enemies, so it makes a person revise their plan every few levels. Also if you need to get some health, a bonus item tends to appear after every jump you make. You can also be gentle enough that you make the worm only skin the surface instead of flying into the air.