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Reviews for "Worm Land"


Very good game!!!


10/10 for Dune reference and fun graphics/game :)


interesting concept. not as interesting as possible. probably could have been better by making you able to upgrade by set of points not by level cuz if you screw up and buy a bunch of dumbass upgrades you cant move on and you cant even delete your save file.

Good Work!

Great game, but i miss a reset function

fucking love it

This game is so addictive its not even funny.
I love how if you hit a soldier or jetpack at the right angle you can eat them for health.
The mechs were hard till i realized i didnt have to be all the way out of the ground to kill them.
The roboworms ticked me off a bit but i out manuvered them. Should have a mode call "Ultimate worm" and its you verses and endless wave of roboworms

I love the bosses too! The things those little green dude come up with to deal with one very cuddly cough-vicious-cough worm is funny.
The last boss PISSED ME OFF. Not cause it was hard but because i wasted about 45 minutes trying to set the damn thing on fire, til i accidently hit its tail and heard a thunk. Was fun those reminded me of Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla... WORM STYLE!!


For all you little noob gamers who fail at every game you touch that doesnt have an easy mode heres some tips.
1. Not all enemies you have to hit need you to hop out of the ground. Skim the surface.
2. Hit shieldturtles at the angle they are walking to land 1 jump kills sometimes.
3. Soldiers and Jetsoldiers are delicious food at the right angle.
4. Soldier teleporters have a set limit you dont need to needlessly damage yourself to destroy them right away.
5. the last boss only tracks your head. If you quickly swipe your mouse at an angle before you jump out of the ground he should go left and you will be saftly to the right and able to hop at its tail!