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Reviews for "Worm Land"

Has potential

It has potential but need improvement. First of all, I saw no problems with controls. I used the mouse and it was perfectly fine for me. I see no reason to complain that you can't turn sharply because, uh...hello, IT'S A GIANT WORM!!! But I wish there was another way to attack. I would jump up and kill 1 or 2 soldiers but during that jump another 5 or 6 soldiers would shoot the hell out of me, causing the worm to shrivel up and die underground. Not great, but could be.

YA! give those idiot humans a asstro kicking!

you know, if the ultimate energy source is going to kill you, the humans can have it.

Pretty fun.

Probably one of the better flash games I played this week. It's not really that hard as many make it out to be. The controls are easy to get used to and after dying a couple times, you get the hang of playing. Great game, hoping for a sequel.


i wish i could give it a better review. there's potential there. but there's just too many problems with it that prevent it from beyond really enjoyable.

once you get to day 4... you pretty much just get screwed all over the place. even when i hit the armored soldiers... they can still fire back pretty much immediately after being hit.. taking off at least 1/6 or more of my life. the controls make it hard to hit the enemy you're aiming for. and most of the time.. even if you hit the spot where he was.. the enemies are too fast and just dodge it and take off a bunch of my life because the worm is stuck trying to get back into the ground.

even with the option of using the arrow keys it makes it a little easier than using the mouse...the mouse just confuses me and makes it extremely difficult to go where you want to go.

i don't know if this happens because i couldn't get past day 4... but the planet needs to get bigger or something. constantly having to avoid the core from getting burned gets irritating. and takes off WAY too much life if you accidentally run into it... which is kind of frequent due to the controls.

i know a lot of work went into it so i wish i could give it a better score. i tried to play it numerous times but i just didn't enjoy it. the biggest problem is definitely the controls.

horrible controls, unfair difficulty (still)

This game could have been pretty cool with porper controls. But like this it's virtually unplayeable. Stupid worm wont stop moveing and eats up all the powerups before they are needed. It moves in a constant speed wich is sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow but never good but there is no way to slow or boost it. And becouse it can't even make sharp turns controllability becomes even worse. Aiming is very hard, the damage done is very low (even after upgraded) and when jumping into the air the worm gets very slow and not controllable at all, leaving a lot of opportunity for the enemies to fire!
And as if the awful manouverability and the though enemies werent enough you even put natural hazards in the planets wich are hard to avoid and make huge damage!

Ps.: The game won't be better if you delete my review, and it's not abusive just becouse you don't agree with it!