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Reviews for "Worm Land"

Good game.. but

thought it was pretty fun, BUT HOW DO YOU KILL FINAL BOSS >.>

kill counter

on day 17 the roboworms didn't trigger the kill counter. i was left at the end of the level with 26/28 kills and could find nothing on the planet's surface or hovering above it.


i mean...this isnt the worst game ive ever played....but not even past half the most decent..this game could use alot of fix ups..like maybe more upgrades as in maybe u can lay little larvae and have em fight along with you or another alien that keeps control above the planet crust.. =]


not that good

sorry but this game is way to hard and needs more new stuff like laser shooting worm like more creativity or cool stuff sory bou that

Fun but difficulty is crap

Would be great if you didn't get the shit shot out of you every time you jump out.