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Reviews for "Worm Land"

pretty good.

he moves a little fast for the mouse to control tho. maybe make the planet a little larger.


Too unbalanced, low health

ok.. kinda unbalaced

those big bots deal too much damage ... it makes it unfair, especially when there are more than 2 ... make it a lil more fair. otherwise, its fun !

Enjoyed it

Took me a while to figure how to beat last level until I realized I could use the exact same tactic the boss was using.

My main concern, but maybe I'm blind, is I didn't find a way to reset the choices you made when leveling up. First try I went all speed and it made the game harder instead of helping me. When I managed to reset the game and go for everything else but speed it was a lot easier. Still hard tho, but not too much since even I could beat it.

As others said, I'm not sure the food worm management part was needed. Why? Simply because it's not fun.

Beside that, good game.

- Khann

Not bad

But why make it so f*#king annoyingly hard