Reviews for "Wrath of Anubis"


I really, really enjoyed this game:) Its fun and challenging, but not impossible. It has also got a cute Return of the Mummy & Indiana Jones feel. One issue is that the reset button could be somewhere besides just on the outside of the tomb. But other than that its awesome! And I can't wait for the sequel!!! Please, please, please make one:)

- If you are having trouble getting 1 idol to move on to the next area, you can get one by using the editor (press e), create a level with an idol, and presto you can move on;)
- Timing is everything in the game, so it pays to have a little patience-- if you can't figure out a level as a whole, try to discover how to pass a smaller section of the level and build from there:)
- The hardest to get is without a doubt the bonus ghosts, but not impossible if you get the ghosts to move together & on the second pass you hang out near the arrows for a bit.
- There are actually 51 idols in the main game, 3 in the bonus area, and 1 in the editor for a total of 55 idols:)

Canadian-Jeff responds:

lols at getting an idol with the editor. I didn't know about that.

I have the next world complete. If anyone wants to test, send me a message. I ask that you finish this game first.

Quite inventive

I was quite satisfied with this game simply because it had everything you could want in any kind of game. It would have been a little nicer if the graphics were better, but still good. It reminds me of the classic jumping games like "Super Mario Bros". It was like a video game adaptation of an Indiana Jones movie, only done right. The music was very stylistic and the enemies were created really nicely too. It certainly gives you a lot of oppurtunity to go around and redo the levels.

Could have had more

Though a functional and a graphically pleasing game, it had nothing too special or unique about it.

ok but some problems

my main problem is the controls dont seem to work very well,they usually dont respond & "sticky keys" tends to happen,due to this in took me about 9 minutes to get out of room 4 in area1

Im sure it's great but...

In the second level I press right and it brings me to the editor