Reviews for "Wrath of Anubis"

nice game!

i enjoy playing it, but it's a bit harder after 8-10 levels. it's really a true platforming game with really a lot of levels. lol i wish indiana jones wouldn't be killed when just touching the enemie, lol!

Great Game

I really enjoy this game, especially for the sweet old-school gfx. The game has many levels to be a platformer and the music is nice. I think that's all :)


is that chuck norris or indiana jones

I seriously need to get a life but...

I got 52/50 treasures! Awesome game! I have to say that while I worked around it fairly easily most of the way through, you might want to tweak the responsiveness of the double jump ever so slightly. Also, I did notice the slight lag other people have mentioned, although in my case it was only towards the end. Best Mario clone I've ever seen. Take pride in that.

A true platforming game

This game is surely one of the better platformers out there. I have only cleared 7 of the levels so far, so this review is a bit premature. I can tell this has the makings of a well-made platformer.

But I want to address one major flaw. At least for me anyway.
This game lags, and that's bad, considering that there isn't much there to cause lag. It doesn't make any sense. I've played more graphic-intensive games with as much, or less, lag. (Although I did that under "low" quality)

This game could definitely use a quality change function, since none of
these Flash 10 games seems to have a quality adjust menu like the older
ones did.

Not necessarily the most helpful review, but lag can make any game less fun and more frustrating to play, so I think for those with older computers, a quality adjustment feature would be ideal.