Reviews for "Wrath of Anubis"


8/10 4/5
I love it, but it's a bit frustration game, I hate repeat and repeat and repeat...


This is, perhaps, best side scroller on Newgrounds. The graphics may be pixelated, but they remind me of an old Nintendo. The feel of the game is very much Mario meets Pitfall.
I like the fact that it's not a run&gun game. Several levels require you to think before you jump.
Good job on the Graphics and the Challenge. (Music is also good, and reminiscent of Old platform games.)
Thanks for making this game.

nice game

Nine because it is a classic and very good platform game
but after 2 levels it was getting boring

what about the coins

Enjoyed the game but what was the use of the coins

BTW: the 9 stars isnt because of coins its because i think this is a great game that could use a little bit of polish so hopefully the second one i got to this one from is the 10 star :)

Can't Play

Once I at Level 1 and press the directional key or spacebar, it immediately bring me to the edit mode. Is this a glitch?