Reviews for "Wrath of Anubis"


Managed to get all 54 idols!

Took quite a lot of effort, but strangely despite the difficulty the game did not get frustrating. Probably cause it was very well designed and never felt cheap, usually when I died it was my fault cause I forgot about an arrow launcher nearby.

The level designs were very clever, many took a lot of thinking on how to complete them, and then took some practice to get it right.

The graphics and music were nice, I especially liked the guy's scream when he died.

I played it with a PS2 pad btw, and it worked really well since I could bash the restart button really easily.

My only complaint is that the medals should have been worth more points!

Lookin forward to the next part!!

Brilliant, but the counter bug kills it

Really great and awesome retro game with really simple controls and brilliant (but frustrating sometimes) level design. Honestly, it shows how much time you spent on it.

However, I think my general idol counter bugged. I've collected each chest in each level (i didnt skip a level until I beat it perfectly), and it shows that I've collected 49 idols... while when I added up my progress from each level (when you stand in front of the doors and it says for example "2/2 chest opened, 72/72 coins etc) it comes out to be 51 idols... and I'm pretty sure I got all the diamonds too...

I so don't want to replay this all over again, but I might a little later, just to see if it will work.

So far, I cleared all levels possible, and i cant get the extra levels, as it counts my 51 idols as 49. >.<

Great game!

The ghosts in Ex2 were maddening, and wall jumping took some effort to master (wall jumping off platforms, or heading away from the wall before pressing Jump killed me quite a few times) but overall a great game with no bugs that io could see.

I got 100% completion rating btw:

Idols: 53
Score: 03191

All gems, all coins, all idols, even in the bonus stages... Of course, the death counter';s somewhere at 1200 for me, but hey... No pain, no gain right? ;)

Canadian-Jeff responds:

Thanks for playing!

Score = idols x 20 + coins - deaths/5


I always enjoy an old retro style game. Controls were smooth and gameplay was fun.

Not bad

Pretty decent game actually. Hit detection seems off a bit but not enough to dampen the gameplay. Seemed a little easy to me.