Reviews for "Wrath of Anubis"

Great game.

I liked the music, the concept, the level of difficulty, the variety of enemies, the graphics suited this kind of game, and it was enjoyable to play. My only problem is that sometimes when I try to double jump it doesn't let me, which has led to my death on numerous occaisions. Otherwise, great game, I enjoyed playing it.

Good retro game!

The gameplay reminds me of Mario just in a kinda Indiana Jones version xD

The retro graphics are awesome and the gameplay is really good! I have nothing bad to say about this so I give it 10/10 :-D

Platformer Anyone :)

I bet this is going to the first long review on you page :) lol i bet this won't get comments... anyways the first thing i notice about this game is it uses the cliche of a platformers as i tried and felt like we played a game like this before at the same time haven't. This collection system is a rewarding and unqiue one as i tried to keep getting a certain artifact or coin(s), so when i gave up it gave me the empty feeling so i played on and came back to get it. I like this style of game-play as it mixes up. I would of however like a more Mario type game where as its more of a world map then rooms but i guess that's another cliche you don't want. No framrates at all... very well done retro graphics... Very smooth slick controls although no feature to change the keys from the original configuration.

The music is nice but i would of like more of a snes music track oh well not a biggie it still fits in well. These kinds of game (platformers) are hard but since anyone can finish it (with practice) The stage feels too linear i know you can do the rooms in any order but i liked if you had certain paths you don't have to go to certain rooms, the artifact system was working at first but i found that i was going back all the easier levels to get the artifacts that i missed or couldn't get before (different account lol).

Gameplay 10/10 Nice, Slick, Smooth controls but i found after finished the first 2 lvls there was a huge spike in difficulty.

Replaiblity 9/10 - You can go through trying to finish as fast as possible, speed runs with the addition of artifacts with unique and intriguing paths to choose from but other then that nothing so try to add something like a speed run mode

Variety 10/10 - Pretty much killing a lot of the same creatures and especially the first few levels, to quote a game reviewing "nothing but rats and bats" (lol mummies too)

Music 10/10 - Classic music for a classic game enough said


Overall 9.8/10 - Very well done, dark gritty feel of the under lying tombs, music gave danger, needs another mode perhaps a bonus coin collection mode ;)?
and maybe a path system to the Mario franchise, last complain is no ability to change keys

Out, i hope you change somethings about it lol

Canadian-Jeff responds:

Thanks for the review!

I'll definitely look into some of these suggestions for a possible sequel (a time trial mode would be interesting). I'm looking for user created content for it, let me know if you're interested!

OldSchool but epic.

I 100% every lvl in 1 sitting and I'm going to do a second run on a different site. I linked it to several of my friends and we "raced" to end.

I look forward to your next games, keep up the great work !

Canadian-Jeff responds:

Hmm... Time trials? Interesting...

I'm looking for user created levels for a sequel. Let me know if you're interested.

A refreshing trip to the past.

Nice platformer with classic roots. Reminds of the days of old, back with the NES