Reviews for "Wrath of Anubis"


what is this super indiana jones bros. jk man good game

More than it seems

At first this game seemed like a mash-up of Spelunky and some generic platforming. And to be honest, it mostly is. However, the gameplay mechanics were so well balanced and the level design was so impressive that I found myself being compelled to complete it. I beat every level, killed every enemy, got every coin, and obtained all 54 idols. (Btw, even the ghost level wasn't that hard. It took me a solid 20ish tries, but it was completely doable.)

All I can say now is that I want more. Harder levels, more challenge options, possibly special game states on certain levels, more of everything, etc etc. An example of a special game state might be that in one level you can jump twice as high on all jumps or enemies move twice as fast or whatever other fun stuff you can think of to add variety.

I'm still knocking off 1 point because there is absolutely nothing new in this game, but it's a hell of a fun platformer regardless and deserves notice of any serious platformer fan. It's right up there with Meat Boy. (Except this game has a much more forgiving difficulty curve.)

As for complaints, some hit detection wasn't perfect. Certain things in the game seemed to be more square in hitbox than their image appeared and other things were 1-2 pixels larger than they appeared. It's not a huge problem, but I did die quite a few times because I was attempting literally pixel-perfect jumps and the hit detection was slightly off. Make sure it's perfect next time. Also, the mummy that made you bounce seemed bugged and led to MANY chaep deaths because of it. Sometimes randomly the second jump would be disabled after jumping on a bouncing mummy.

Work on those two minor coding issues and make more levels and I will be a happy gamer. Challenge Mode and/or Time Trials would also be a slick addition.

Great game.

It had a nice difficulty that was high enough to be fun without getting irritating. I enjoyed the second bonus level too :D

One of the ingame signs said worlds 4 and 5 are coming? I look forward to them!

Not going to lie

Not going to lie. Amazing amazing game. It's spectacular in that it delivers a steady challenge as levels progress and the art work and controls add to the elegance of the game.

Improvements (cause every game needs them :P):
Customize character?
Upgrades (Like higher jump, etc)
Different characters?
A stat for killing all the enemies in a level as well as getting the gold and idols.

But overall, well done folks, well done!! By any chance did you get your ideas from Money Seige? :P

Canadian-Jeff responds:

Thanks for playing!

One thing I definitely want to do is add level challenges such as time trial, kill all enemies, etc.

And ya, that game is awesome!

Brilliant Game!

I just finished collecting all 54 (54?) idols, even the one from the ghost level. The game was fun, fast paced, and challenging. The only disappointment to be found was when the game ended.

I freaked out for a second when there was no notification for the medals. Having an unlock notification would be really nice, if you are still updating this game.

A suggestion for the sequel: add a timer and speedrun challenges. I often found myself running through the level, making high risk jumps and doing things like sliding under arrows in order to be the slightest bit faster. It would be nice to use this as a challenge, where every second counts if you want to get platinum.

Canadian-Jeff responds:

Ghost level- I'm glad to hear someone beat it!

I was never able to finish it myself. lol