Reviews for "Wrath of Anubis"

Love the 8-bit

Excellent platformer, all of the controls, double jump, wall jump, enemy bounce... they feel really clean and the whole Indiana Jones explorer theme fits the gameplay style and graphics together. Medals are a nice addition!


This game feels a lot like the old Activision Pitfall game I used to play all the time. I loved that game, and this is just fun to play. The sound was so bland and horrible though. Couldn't you find some better songs to fit with the game?

how do you save?

does this game save progress? Fantastic I like how the main character looks like Indiana Jones. This game is a mixture of mario and ninja gaiden very fun and enjoyable.

Canadian-Jeff responds:

Saving is automatic. Yay!


I think that this game is as close to perfection as you can get and still put it online for free. Movement flowed well and was really comfortable, and the learning curve is really quick. Catchy music and stylish visuals. The only thing I could think to make it better would be to have an unlockable whip, that you could use for fighting and swinging across gaps.

Great game.

I liked the music, the concept, the level of difficulty, the variety of enemies, the graphics suited this kind of game, and it was enjoyable to play. My only problem is that sometimes when I try to double jump it doesn't let me, which has led to my death on numerous occaisions. Otherwise, great game, I enjoyed playing it.