Reviews for "Wrath of Anubis"

Killing enemies

This game is solid except for the hit recognition system. It got pretty aggravating after awhile that everytime I went to kill an enemy and I fell short by a little bit it counted as a death. It would have been nice to have a whip or gun or some other long distance weapon. Jumping mechanics were flawless though. One of the best I have ever used. All the standard and good stuff were there, double jump, wall slide, wall jump. Level design/art was good too. Again I must reiterate that the way to kill enemies is crucial to gameplay, If i'm an indy character I should have some sort of weapon on me.

graceful nod to old school platforming adeventures

i beat the game inside out. was lots of fun and very satisfying. If there's anything iw ould add to this, it would be either a storyline or a more substantial ending.

i like this game

It's cool, fun, and like a game from back in the day, but it doesn't want to save. I don't want to beat this in 1 sitting.

Canadian-Jeff responds:

Right click> Settings and make sure you allow flash to save data to your computer!

cool game

the jumping was pretty agravating to control and stuff like/walljumping never really worked quite right
cool game though

Amazing game!! ...But I got an idol miss-count???

I love this game! I played it EVERYDAY this week until I beat it! The controls, sound, music, and level design are all excellent!! The wall jumping was a bit counter intuitive, but it worked consistently once you figured it out. This game really took me back to a time when gaming was rewarding... When you felt like you earned your win... Which ironically leads me to my biggest disappointment with the game...

I beat every single door perfectly from 1-30, getting every single gem, coin AND IDOL Which equals to about 51 idols, and a hell of alot of coins/gems... (about 1,407 I think.) But My counter says I only have 49 idols, and wont let me into the EX stages! I just went to each door and counted, and it says that I got every idol... and should have 51... but I only have 49. WTF?

Are there some secret unmentioned idols out there that aren't mentioned on the door, or did my counter glitch?? I played really hard and long to get every idol... and would like to get the reward of playing the EX levels, and getting all of the idols! I understand that I may be missing some kind of secret... but, the doors clearly say that I should have 51 idols...

So I'd like some help with this if possible thanks!

Canadian-Jeff responds: