Reviews for "Wrath of Anubis"

Difficult and addicting

After beating the game, I had an incredible feeling of "Oh my god, I actually did it!", but now it is time to do a formal review of the game. In terms of quality, the game looks great. It reminds me of good old adventure-platformers on the SNES or Genesis. Also, the cavern-crusader art style reminds me very much of Indiana Jones, which is awesome in itself. The difficulty also seems to bring sweet nostalgia, with reminisce of Zelda 2 or even Super Star Wars. The game was hard, and not because the controls were broken, or because the levels were too glitchy. That being said, the game seemed to hate me at times, because the jump button seemed to be delayed, or never worked at all when it comes to double jumps, or the level was just to darn hard, but I'll pass that by for now. I feel that this game is very worthy to have a play through. It is a fun, difficult, spelunker game that will surely show you the Wrath of Anubis.

Fun game, bad level design.

In terms of playability, this game was great. The controls were intuitive and smooth, and the gameplay was fun.

But the levels were uncoordinated and took the player from place to place too fast and in too undirected a way. Everything was scattered around the room, and the speed at which you tend to go enabled you to make mistakes out of carelessness.

A game should be challenging because of it's individual elements, not because at some point you will inevitably slip up.


I just finished this game with everything collected. It was an amazing play-through, and took me a good solid 2-3 hours. The bonus levels were a good challenge, and every level had a lot of thought put into it.

The only thing that I was disappointed at, was that there was not a final boss. It just felt like the final level wasn't that big of an accomplishment once i finished it. The main hero just leaped out of the temple with nothing holding him back. I think that a final battle would had made it much more enjoyable.

All of that aside now, I give it a perfect 10/10 and 5/5. Nice work.

short and sweet

fun, challenging, amazing


what is this super indiana jones bros. jk man good game