Reviews for "Blast Master"

ok i guess

but totally needs a walkthrough

A puzzle game that keeps my interest

Normally I absolutely DESPISE puzzle games for their crappy mechanics and overally usually cartoony looks and klunky feel but you've created a winner and have got me addicted. Much like those below I've hit level 22 and just stare at it mercilessly. Time to watch a movie to let my mind resolidify from it's nuclear meltdown trying to figure this one out. Good job :)

GameBalance responds:

thanks :)
I not like cartoony gfx in games


after quite a while i got to 29. seems like im mosty using trial and error.


Great game, can't get past level 22, but what I've played has been pretty awesome.

GameBalance responds:

ah that level 22! if you saw how you would - "wow sooo eassyy???"


very challenging (stuck on lvl 9 :( ) but on the other hand quite addicting.
concept was pretty good and i enjoyed the background music :)
overall: 9/10 pretty good!