Reviews for "Blast Master"


I got to level 10, and it was hard. So I give it up. Good game.

good fun

everything was pretty easy to figure out through trial and error but a lot of time could have been saved if there was a brief exlpaination about the items as you come across them. I also didn't like how i had to move something just a few pixels around to make the chain reaction work. Maybe you could have a blast ring indicator around the manipulable items? The puzzles were fun and the music wsa a nice touch.

GameBalance responds:

how can u be sure the game would be that fun if there was explosion area shown?

Difficult, but rewarding.

I have to say, most puzzles suit their complexity with their difficulty. Simple puzzles is easy; Complicated Puzzle is hard. How ever, you are faced with a fairly simple puzzle, and it's actually very difficult. However, if you win, you're rewarded by blowing a board to hell.


its fun but hard

as a moron, i have but one humble request.

walkthrough on the youtubes? perhaps? yes?
good game too.

see, Mods, i can be nice too.

GameBalance responds:

there is walkthroughs on youtube