Reviews for "Blast Master"


Stuck on level 22

Friggin awesome

Dude this game rox but i cant beat the final level i watched the walkthrough but i moved the piece about a fourth of a milimeter and it wont hit it i move it again and it hits the right one but the other one doesnt hit!

GameBalance responds:

try other solution!
I uploaded walkthrough on youtube and put 2 ways to solve last level.

Great Game

stuck on lvl 22
keeping only one dot left over :(
great game

GameBalance responds:



Admittedly, I'm stuck on level 21; however, I LOVE the game. It's pretty much perfect in every way. I found a couple solutions which didn't use all the tools, which made me happy. Great game, it really makes you think. A "solutions" website or guide would probably be the only thing I would suggest.

GameBalance responds:

The youtube could be called a solution share place.
Yes that would be very intresting for me to see how ppl find alternative ways.


lvl 14 seemed to doom me.