Reviews for "Blast Master"


stuck on lvl 2 T_T i is failure


god im stuck on lv3

Great game, impressive sound

Thats a great puzzle game, got me thinking a lot. Nice art, balanced difficulty. All good, but i really am amazed by the tracks you created. Specially the one with a heavier, serious tone, a masterpiece. You are a sound artist.

Thanks for your game

GameBalance responds:

i soon will register a site to put there my music works.


Loved the game, got a little bored at level 22 though, I agree with 1wolffan though it is a little to pixel perfect, in away its good because makes the game harder and last longer, but when you cant be cheesed trial n error testing... :)

It's a really fun game

I really liked the music, and the whole experience is prety fun. But the pixel perfect positioning you need sometimes makes it a test in patience too. One level from Sierra's "The Incredible Machine" had similar requirements. I never was able to finish that game. It also had really nice music. Smooth animation. Quite a fun experience. Thanks for makung it.

GameBalance responds:

thanks! I like TIM :)
Oh once again - our game not has any pixel perfect levels.