Reviews for "Blast Master"

So HARD!!!!!

Good, this is a very difficult game, I enjoy this kind of puzzle.
I got stuck on level 29, but anyway, a great game.


this is one of the best games i ever played! got to level 15 how do you beat it? mabey you could add a walkthrough 5/5 10/10

GameBalance responds:

youtube :)

Got to 15

Gave up at 15. like tha idea of blast range being shown. An option for it, like a help icon 4 slow people like me ;-) Still going to my favorites thou

GameBalance responds:

ok as option
or we also can do a range show for an earlier levels
(if we do part 2)


I got addicted to this game very fast. Very enteraining and great game! Keep up the good work!

GameBalance responds:

hehe thanks!

freakin great game...

even tho i couldnt get past level 14. i felt unintelligent =(. but other than that its a very well executed game