Reviews for "Blast Master"


I finish the level 30 but hehe using the walktrough! cuz is very hard to beat this game! GOOD JOB! may u wanna make a secuel?? hehe

GameBalance responds:

yes we plan sequel cuz we have idea of few other bombs and would like to make levels with such bombs ^_^


finished it, really enjoyed it, and want to play it again

GameBalance responds:


A really good puzzle game

I just simply loved this game. The graphics were good, and the thinking needed to do it wasn't extremely difficult but just in a different way than you would normally think about it. .....but am stuck on lvl 22....

GameBalance responds:

thanks :)


Easy squeezy lemon peezy, I only gave it a 9 because it could have been a little longer but other then that its a fun game I enjoyed it and its a great way to kill time and boredom. keep up the work

GameBalance responds:

I thought 50% would have to spend like hour to beat whole game.

Finished it!!

At last!! i finished lvl. 30!!!

This game's amazing! Those chain reactions are wonderfully designed and on top of that those 'Add - On' Bombs made the game so tricky. And I hated those whale bombs. If they weren't there i would have taken half the time!

The music - That's one thing that keeps you from getting bored no matter for how long you've been stuck on any level.

Good going guys. Make a sequel!

P.S. : You can use moving bombs or obstructions in the next game.

GameBalance responds:

will think about sequel