Reviews for "Blast Master"

Exploding Dominoes

This game was really cool! The explodable patterns and puzzling levels were great. The game was a little hard to pick up on, instructions would have been nice, but I was able to figure it out as I went. It wasn't amazingly creative, but it played well, had good music and graphics, and was a great time-wasting puzzler. Reminded me a lot of dominoes.



In Soviet Russia master blasts you!

GameBalance responds:

and what about Germany?


it was rly hard but REALLY fun XD. i think the music was rly good too. plus, i LOVEZ to blow things up XD


This is a fantastic puzzle game with super-excellent music! Have you uploaded it to the audio portal? If not, you totally should!

GameBalance responds:

no I have not. It will take few weeks to make a site for this,

love games that make you think !!

fun and entertaining.....great game to kill time that should have been used for something productive.

GameBalance responds:

at least u have to think so that's not totally killing ^_^