Reviews for "Blast Master"

Great game!!!

I got stuck on lvl 6 :P

Please !!!

Let me download the musics !

GameBalance responds:

which one? there is 3 tracks

Great game!

I had a lot fun playing this, awesome concept and great execution! Music was cool too btw!

GameBalance responds:

yes we found this idea very entartaining :)


Good concept and all but this game is what I classify as " random click and try" there's no real strategy behind this game , infact there's probably 10-20 ways to clear a level if you think hard enough .. I got to level 15 and when I saw there was nothing new coming up other than those Kitty faces , I stopped playing.

Really good game , lacks of challenge and motivitional factor , all you do is sit there , watch , put stuff places , try it , it didnt work , move things around a little and try again.. no score system , no real meaning to be even playing , at least have some medals ? something o.o

I'll give it a 7 but please work on making the game " worth " playing more.

GameBalance responds:

if you are "random click and try" person - doesn't mean all uses same tactic. See? This was your strategy ;)
show me at least 2 levels in this game which u can beat 10-20 ways :P

Its not unoriginal!

Theres a phsyco kitty with mind powers!

GameBalance responds:

Yes :-D it's there