Reviews for "Gone to the dogs"

an ok game

but the dogs are to slow make the dogs faster

Good Game

Animation was good, liked your humour (The Newspaper was a nice touch), and thought it all ran rather well.
Didn't really see a problem with how long it was, and didn't even need to use anything illegal to win. I like that you can just play this game how you want to play it. tons of replay value, good job.


It seemed like everytime I use the illgeal jetpack or collar I get caught and get fined or I get fined for no reason, plus its too short.

That was WAY too short...

I thought it was an alright game, but that was so short I must say I am displeased.

too short

Good game but it takes too long to start winning races and by that time it's over. It'd be nice perhaps if you could start a new game without having to reload the page and perhaps with a percentage of your ending stats, or say breed your ending dog with one of the starting dogs to get better starting stats.