Reviews for "Gone to the dogs"

I love this game.

Normally i would say, 'God i hate these games, its animal cruelty.' But since learning that dogs have the best times of theyre lives on the track, and training, ive seen a brighter side to it. So, my true view of this game is that is, and people can quote me on this, Its Amazing! God i love upgrade systems, I love racig games too. But most of all, I love that song in the background! Who made it? Can I have it? If so, where from? Great game, a good take on a classic idea.

With warm thanks, Doomsdave.

Great game

i like the fact that even though the art isn't way too complex the gameplay is astounding. very good, keep up the good work!

i like it

very good, pretty realidtic, but after the season is over, i wish you could still keep going

Some kind of super dog!!

Really enjoyed playing the game. I actually enjoyed it's simplicity & ease of function. The newspaper reels killed me!! Some well thought out jokes in my opinion. I however play several games on this computer with a coworker & I assuming he did some kind of refresh because I now have the undefined dog like one of the other players. If I could get it fixed somehow that would be great so that I could finish playing out the game. Well done, & truly good fun.


First time playing... got annoyed because i lost a big bet, so i hit refresh... and i started off with a dog call UNDEFINED. I had infinite money, maxed stats, and when i raced my dog was the ONLY dog on field. Has this happened to anyone else?

robotJAM responds:

I think your saved game file got corrupted.