Reviews for "Gone to the dogs"


Very addicting game!

It could definitely have been a little bit longer (maybe options to play for 20, 35, and 50 rounds?). Also, I would have liked some more control on what my dog can do in the race -like some timed arrow keys to hit for a speed boost during the race or being able to hit x for a speed boost in the beginning when the gates first open. Just a thought...


I agree to Fecho . It is REALLY short i mean come on? 20 days. you should i have put atleast 50 days. but in those 20 days of gameplay it was awsome! but still too short :P


The game is WAY too short! For newbie players(like me) it takes loads of time to perfect our dogs. But you just made like 20 days andd the season is finished! My dog only won 1 race.

Next time make it longer


What's with these hackers getting a 1e,+30 Score >.>
Anyway,i liked the game,it was a bit challenging at first but after a few races
my dog just kept winning :D

I like it

to the dork that said he or she is going to report get a life this version is alot better than the one you were talking about. What are you 10......