Reviews for "Gone to the dogs"

Waaaay to easy

Won every single race, ecept for the first one... check this out:
http://kk.9fg.info/gone_to_the_dogs.p ng
(Just use the illegal collar and you will win every race aswell)

2 short...

great game but 20 weeks is too short, the time it takes to get the dog into shape no theres no time. but anyhow a good game


i cant tell u how many times i ended up playin this lol. but the 20 races seems too short wenu actually start winning races


It was pretty nice. Haven't played racing games before, this is quite fun, and if I may say so, cute even.

it was ok

meh it was fine nothing terrible, but nothing outstanding either, plus its not new, there are tons of racing games and this one isnt great,