Reviews for "Gone to the dogs"


What the h*** is the go with the dogs taking a dump before the race begins??

Extra Income

I bought my first dog and paid for training, and was left with £650. I had a race and came third winning something like £1788, I get back to my main screen, and I have £7k on me.... Also as has been said, a "return to menu" button would be nice. :D


Just cheat and you win. Spiked collar, Jetpack and boots, bet 5000 on yourself, it'll pay for the fines you get.

just a question

I'm sorry to bother you, but.. is there a way to return to the main menu? I didn't find it.. maybe it's just me (I woke up early and didn't sleep much too.)

ummm, NO

1st, too short. 2nd one of the worst games iv ever played, fuckin dog wont move half the time.