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Reviews for "Dragonrage"


Dost thou love me? BUT THOU MUST!!


I guess...

Pretty fun button masher :)

For what it is, it's pretty awesome! Lots of hidden details and thought was put into it, if you are lucky enough to stumble upon it...
I finished at Floor 20 with a score of about 2.9 million. I had to run away from a pink skeleton on Floor 19, and Floor 20, with exploding fire blobs and demon golems... ugh!

Tons of fun, never figured out what the flute was for...

Will probably several more times when I need something to distract me from everyday activities.

I suppose it isn't too bad

It reminds me on NES style games exept with a little beter character look. The music wasn't so bad and the gameplay as simple as it is reminds me of older games.


Only one move. Not impressed. Also, zero, game depth, little to no variety, shit sound... Keep trying.