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Reviews for "Dragonrage"


The game was very fun. I think you should add more attack and maybe a after every few rounds you could take a break and buy upgrades or moves.


yea its kinda addictive. nice game. i made it to lvl 9 on my first try, rank paladin. you will prob do better cause im a noob lol

Eh, needs work.

The hero needs more than a dash attack and getting help from items. Maybe when the hero levels up, he could get new attacks (like a spin attack to strike all foes in range).

Also there should be customizable controls. I find the WASD setup for this type of game awkward.


It's simple, but addictive.

Some things that could be added would be the ability to use RAGE when you're ready instead of as soon as you collect the last letter and the ability to hold more than one key.

I like how there's special floors. It breaks up the monotony a bit. Something you might want to add would be a few bonus maze floors where there are hidden items or special monsters.

Good Game!

Lots of fun and good time waster!
Simplistic and cartoonish art style lends to great 2D visuals.

The learning curve is well done. The monsters become more difficult at a good speed.

The drop rate of the items is good. However, food could be dropped a little more often. It would be good to know what the items offer before starting though. Perhaps you could have the "Help" page come once before playing. The walkthrough page you offer was a good touch too.

I like the idea of having the sub-floors. It would be great if they offered medals for this game.

Over all, well done. Fun and entertaining game.