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Reviews for "Dragonrage"

Well done

Great art style, the difficulty curve grew at a steady, reasonable pace, and it's a fun game overall.

Only problem I found were those stairs! They are NOT a shortcut to the next level! BEWARE THE STAIRS......


The game is nothing special but reminds me of old video games, which is cool.. Got addicted, so got to floor 15 with score 1356200.. That took a while.. :D

This is a lot like smash TV

It's an old atari/NES game It has a fairly identical game mechanic. Where yours is different, is that yours is better. It really was the power ups man. The bonus rooms were good, and the various magic spells were fun and varied. I got to level level 7 before I died with a rank of paladin. ( I kicked it in room 9S) The addition of spikes in the rooms was a good way to add variety, and while I didn't get far, the game was starting to get stale if not for those. (having the spikes come from the left only was a nice way to spice that device up, and I'm sure you would have had more up your sleeve the farther I went. Didn't see lava, or water. Don't know if you introduced walls at some point. A shop after so many levels might have been nice, you know, to make some of the power ups more "permanent." (like after 10 floors you get to upgrade your sword so that it has the power equal to the amount it did while "powered up" on the floors you just left, or the ability to get instant kills on "weaker" enemies.)
Anyway, fixing a existing game concept that was broken earns you at least a 9 in my book. Good job and a sequel might be cool.

Way awesome

Dude this reminds me of an old namco game I sued to play exept better and coole, great job man!

Not bad :D