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Reviews for "Dragonrage"

I really enjoyed it, but (maybe it was just my headphones) I had my sound at 2% and the game sounds were still very loud. Maybe turn them down a bit? (unless it's just me) I'd love to play with sounds. Very addicting and fun, though :)

K i kinda got a rage bosst and my score is 78400 and my rank is a soldier :P it looks so good well first try i died because idk how and my rank was a very old man
UGH damn that rank anyways yea on any test reviews i do its just gotta be 0 stars if its a test one :P eh yea kinda tight Like It!

Not bad :D

Floor 9S, Score 707000. Rank Paladin.
Those fireball red guys beat me to death. I feel like I could have done better... Though it was my first try so whatever. Awesome game, by the way.

didn't really like it