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Reviews for "Dragonrage"

Cool game

Berserker rank.

ps. i think my "J" key is broke ._.

I feel like hot shit, for some reason

floor 19 berserker B)

Loved it

Got to level 10S with paladin rank. level 10S is HARD. Brings back to the days where games were hard and repetative, yet you still wanna play them.

Fun but too short and simple.

I enjoyed playing this but it got old fast. I got to 5S with 127900 points and Gladiator rank my second try and got bored with it because it was just too repetitive. I would love to see a sequel with a bit more complexity, some customization, more kinds of attacks, and just something to work towards, a reason to keep playing besides just a high score and rank.

Addictive to say the least...

Nice game you came up with here. The simplicity really brings up that 80s simplicity games feel. Keep it up.