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Reviews for "Dragonrage"

Loved it.

I Just loved this game, I've been looking for games like this. I would've liked it more if you had upgrades on speed and damage or whatever.


Yes i disliked that bug on 24s it was very annoying
but the game was great i disliked a couple of the bats that are at about floor 4-5 and so on causse they just wouldnt die even when i got rage it sucked
but ya as i said great game
P.S KHDN i also got ragemaster but i thought it was a low score so i didnt crowd the game besides i nvr post my scores... EVER

swe shield

this game is so good but the skeletons was harder than the others and the music is bothering but its good 10/10


I'm only the third person to reach RAGEMASTER rank publically, I think, but at least I seem to have the current highscore (11,847,800). "Proof": http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/86 63/raegy.png

Oh, and apart from that annoying bug that sometimes prevents exit staircases from appearing in special levels, this game is pretty much perfect. Great job, dude!

Way awesome

Dude this reminds me of an old namco game I sued to play exept better and coole, great job man!