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Reviews for "Dragonrage"

Not too shabby

Final floor: 12
Final level: 8
Rank: Paladin

Not too shabby; Overall a good game, albeit the repetitive factor. I'm fond of smash 'em ups, and I liked the whole "old-school" feeling it gave me, but after the first few floors I was all ready becoming bored with it. A few background changes here, a beefed-up version of the first level monsters here, and constantly beating my J key to death wasn't entirely appealing. The power-ups were thoughtful but grew obsolete in the later levels, as I hit a single monster several times before it died while the others surrounded me. I found it annoying that you had to move AND smash the J key to be able to attack. I found myself constantly running into the other monsters or the traps while doing so and quickly losing health that way. The music was all right, old-school and all with a NES feeling, but it's basically a few seconds of music repeated again and again, which is to this moment growing on my nerves.

Like stated earlier, could use a lot of work, but a good try overall. 7/10, 3/5.

its ok

its a very nice idea but to me it starts feeling a lil repetetive even with new enemies


Game was easy at first, but floor 10s showed me that it would start to get brutal eventually. I died at Floor 17 / Level 11 / Berzerker rank.

Not the greatest game out there, but it's worth at least one play through, I'd say.

very fun!

IT was a little repetative. to me needs a little more missle guys. but the demons r awesome! i got berserker first try. :)

It's good but...

The game in itself is quite addicting and time consuming. But I found I really had no incentive to keep on playing after floor 9 (Including an S level or two). The game was fun, for the first 10 or 20 minutes, but after that the game started getting repetitive.
Some pros of this game are:
-Addicting and time consuming
-Catchy music
-Multiple floors and levels
-Many upgrades
Some Cons however
-Over repetitive
-Not an extremely original game
-Only one attack move
Some things that I found could improve the game:
Okay I'll start with something simple. The Rage special attack, maybe instead of it immediately activating it could be an unleashed powerup or, better even, a stackable powerup that increases each time you collect the full word of RAGE.
Bosses are a must in a game like this. Yes, different enemies every couple of levels is nice, but myself as the player would like more reason to continue on for another 5 or 6 levels. Maybe put a boss or two in the game just to keep me or others like me on our toes and derive away from the over repetiveness. The powerups were a very nice touch I enjoyed seeing those, but some I didn't understand their actual purpose such as the cape. The boots, sword, and shield were straightforward although but, just as friendly criticism, I would have enjoyed not having to follow a link to figure out what each item did. Maybe that's something that could be added in a sequel? And one final thing: Achievement. This game could have recieved a much higher rating if it had achievements in it. Not only because they're cool but they give me, as the player, more incentive to push for that extra level or even reach floor 20 and not just give up at floor 10. I hope this review has helped. I see a lot of potential in a game like this and hope this review helps you with your sequel!