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Reviews for "Dragonrage"

Well, that was very enjoyable to say the least..

The gameplay was very good and there was a great variety of power-up's.

But my main complaint is quite to the contrary of everybody else... I think the game was way to easy... I played for about 15 minutes until I got hit the first time, because there is nothing prohibiting you from dashing around all the time...

If you work on a sequel build in a cooldown-timer or something, that would make it even more addicting...


There is no reason why you didnt make a arrow key mode. Your game is therefore unplayable on foreign keyboards. Please think about this details for the next time. I wont lower your score for this but it's pretty frustrating because your game looks great.


no quality no good gameplay to less lives to much ASS!

Overall Nice

But I felt like the game was just starting to hate me after awhile.. I got far in the game and found a sword , I was like oh cool! im gonna be stronger... wrong.. monsters that took 2 hits still took 2 hits.. and after awhile you level but dont get more HP? or even pick up hearts and nothing except heals you ._. quite frustrating to see this happening.

Lastly just want to point out how stupid it is you can only carry 1 key , or that chest appear way early and you even have a key or ever had a chance to get one yet ~_~

Great game , has alot of potential but make it more "rewarding and satisfying" to keep players coming back.

Not bad...

On a positive note:
-Good Gameplay
-A wide variety of powerups and enemies
-Cool Ranking System
-The controls were difficult. Try Arrow Keys and Space Bar next game.
-More terrain would be nice (like stairs,walls, pits, trapdoors, or something other than flat ground.
-The whole "rage" thing didn't do much and is way overused in games. Get rid of it.