Reviews for "Quincy"

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fluffkomix responds:

... :3

I can't believe I forgot to review this :P

first of all. It was funny, second of all the animation was REALLY smooth, third of all it had good flow. One complaint is that once or twice the animation was a bit wierd, but that's all. I hope to see some more of your stuff ;D

P.S. best ending ever, now I know that there won't be a sequel :D ...unless...

fluffkomix responds:

no zombies.

Why is he naked?

Quadripeligics don't have to be naked :P
Animation was smooth, almost too smooth in some places, as in lacking energetic motions, mostly the characters kinda 'morphed' between various poses, rather than appearing to actually have momentum and inertia. Try squashing and stretching your movements a little more :)
Curly's voice is REALLY nasly and weird in his first line. In his second, he sounds completely normal. It's kinda weird.
For some reason, Wavy's pose when he says "Who wants to go to the beach," looks REALLY weird, probably because he doesn't actually put his arms behind the other characters, and he seems incredibly large compared to both of them.
Overall, it was good, but a little more effort/'omph' put into it would really make it nice, I suppose that would've happened if you had a little more time to work on it :P

fluffkomix responds:

yeah. all the stuff before they leave quincy on the beach alone was done over the course of two months, and the rest of that in one week.

such a beautiful story

Your movie was so deep and powerful, I cried at the end.

fluffkomix responds:

why thank you. i tried to keep up the atmosphere of intense drama thruout the entire film.

(title in work)

Well the animation was definitely good. Very smooth and complex at times, which shows off your skill quite nicely. Storyline was weird, as were the characters. It really wasn't my thing, but I suppose it wasn't that bad overall. Nice artwork.

fluffkomix responds:

thanks. this review feels a little weird but i guess its because even if the animation is amazing, most people will vote 0 if they dont like the story/song.

good review :)