Reviews for "Quincy"

I'm going to hell.

Before it started, I cracked up laughing at the title. The second it started I was like O_O damn. Then throughout it...I just couldn't stop laughing.

Title says it all: I'm going to hell. Thanks, fluffko.

fluffkomix responds:

i try

it was funny

it was really funny and u had some bad stupid reviews but honestly it was really funny

fluffkomix responds:

well i honestly think i couldve set it up better, but thanks.


loved the ending

fluffkomix responds:

thanks :)

Considdering he has no dick...

Id say he's a quintroplegic amputee.

fluffkomix responds:

lol thats only the second time ive heard that one!

i agree with the review below mine

but I'm pretty sure the amputee wasn't quadriplegic because that refers to partial or total paralysis resulting in the loss of use of all limbs and torso not amputation and if that was a joke it wasn't funny

fluffkomix responds:

quadriplegic amputee sounds funnier than just amputee.