Reviews for "Quincy"


This is a great animation the voices is great also.
But the sounds of walking and stuff kinda suck

fluffkomix responds:

all found on flashkit or findsounds.com

im too lazy to make my own.


hahaha what tha fuck man???
poor guy... but sweet!
The animation is not that great, but the
work with the voices was awesome..
Good job
PS. I agree with kantoken,, this could be a great
series idea.

fluffkomix responds:

lol ive been hearing just the opposite. good animation with bad voices.

i liked it

was pretty cool i actually loved quincy's final ahhh when he chopped that guys head off, seemed like he didnt really care THAT much lol

fluffkomix responds:

seemed more of a strangled yell to me.

It was ok

I have to agree with Snaer. The idea is funny (I'd love to see this turn into a series) and the animation is ok as well.

fluffkomix responds:

i dont want a series. i want something i can just throw out there into through the mesh curtain of newgrounds and let it fall until it hits the trash can. then start over again.

rinse and repeat.


it was okay, the idea was funny and animation was decent. nothing special though

fluffkomix responds:

i agree.