Reviews for "Quincy"

umm, ok...

lots to work on. but why does he look naked? and his arms and legs looks like tits?

fluffkomix responds:

sheesh you're probably the tenth person to point out that his stumps look like tits.

horny bastards.


I have a couple questions...

How does this only have 2,000 views and FP? I'm guessing the icon is unattractive.
And how does it get FP about 20 days after you submitted it?
The cartoon was okay. I didn't laugh but the guy rolling was pretty well. But again the perspective was off. and shading would help a little bit.

fluffkomix responds:

well thats just the way the cookie crumbles.

now since the race had no apparent prize, i get bragging rights :D

also it had 400 or so views before it got front paged.

i mean, it was funny...but

i dont get why this is on the front page..

fluffkomix responds:

enough people voted it up on toms post i guess

Very good =p

It was a very good video and I wish I could something cool like this for school. The wierdest part for me is Curly's first line. He sounds like Quincy almost as though Joe was trying to find which voice he should use. Aw well besides that it was great.

fluffkomix responds:

yeah i thought the same thing a bit but the voices differentiated just enough for me to use it.

haha, good Voice acting, sometimes

I'm surprised you can say 'fuck' in class projects...
or...y'know, have quadruple amputees.
what mark did you get?

fluffkomix responds:

Perfect, but that's because high school class standards are stupidly low.

And I snuck that fuck in under the radar, distracting the teacher the moment it came up. Rest of the class caught it :P